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Most dangerous feat in magic! BulletCatch as done by famous Magicians Worldwide including Americans David Blaine-Penn & Teller-Criss Angel- Dorothy Dietrich, others, etc. Explaination & presentation methods & dangers, deaths, killings, failures, injuries, etc.

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20 Who Died
1500's To The Present
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A few old timers who beat the Bullet Catch JINX!

The first to produce rabbits from a hat. His tricks & illusions included the Inexhaustible Bottle, which appeared to produce any drink requested by the members of the audience. The Great Gun Trick, described as the most wonderful feat ever attempted by man, Anderson was seemingly able to catch a bullet fired at him from a musket. It was always kept as the finale in order that ladies might withdraw, to avoid witnessing it. He was a philanthropist & expert showman, & was one of the earliest magicians to attain a high level of world renown. He became a huge influence on the great Harry Houdini. In the year Anderson died, 1874, his great admirer Harry Houdini was born. His headstone was restored by Houdini who also endowed a trust for the perpetual upkeep of the grave. In tribute in Scotland Houdini had hundreds of pairs of shoes made to distribute to the poor barefoot children he encountered. His generosity echoed that of The Great Wizard who while in America had given generously to charities for the poor.
JEAN-EUGENE ROBERT-HOUDINStopped a revolt with the aid of the bullet catch trick. In September 1856 Robert-Houdin came out of retirement for the French Government, to go to colonial French Algeria to impress locals to quell support for Marabouts, who claimed to be holy men & used magic claiming to be prophets of Allah, to cause discent. The Marabouts used tricks to gain control over a gullable public. Besides duplicating & improving on their tricks he made use of the bullet catch trick to show French magic was stronger. In theater performances he had people fire at him & caught their bullet in an apple on the tip of a sword. When challenged, he caught a bullet in his teeth, & rather than firing back, shot at a wall of a building. Blood began to trickle out the bullet hole. The uprising was deprived of its strength & Robert-Houdin added to the legendary history of the bullet catch trick. Algeria brought magician Jean Eug¸ne Robert-Houdin out of retirement, shipping him off to colonial French Algeria with the purpose of impressing the local chieftains in order to quell support for the native Maraboutsm who claimed to be holy men and "holy men" who used fakir tricks (glass eating, fire walking, snake charming) to build credibility as prophets of Allah, who used fakir tricks (glass eating, fire walking, snake charming) to build revolt. Robert-Houdin made use of the bullet catch in one of his most famous exploits, the taming of the Marabout uprising in Algeria. The Marabouts were causing dissension in the region by claiming that they were capable of powerful magic and using demonstrations of these powers to generate fear and control over the superstitious public. Robert-Houdin was called upon to demonstrate the superiority of French magic and thus sap the influence of the Marabouts. He allowed people to fire upon him as he caught their bullets in an apple that was stuck on the tip of a sword. Further, when challenged, he caught a bullet fired at him in his teeth, then, rather than firing back at his assailant, he aimed at a wall of a nearby building. His shot hit the wall and blood began to trickle out of the bullet hole. Clearly these were impressive feats, the public was astonished, and the Marabouts were convinced that the French were capable of magic vastly superior to their own. In this way, the uprising was deprived of its motive force, and Robert-Houdin added to the legendary history of the bullet catch.

The bullet catch trick was also done by ALEXANDER HERRMANN the leading family of magic in the early days of vaudeville, & later by ADELAIDE HERRMANN. she performed the infamous Bullet catch trick, which had been an occasional feature of her husband's act. On January 19, 1897, a month after his death, she stood in his place in front of a firing squad at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Publicity material describes her as catching six bullets fired at her by local militiamen. For some reason to this day people think she did on a regular basis as part of her show!

The bullet catch trick has a long dark history, mostly done by leading performers.

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